House Building

Every home we develop is unique and individually designed to suit your requirements. We are known for our personal service and our small, bespoke developments are designed to make perfect use of space.

This means you enjoy features such as large rooms and high ceilings, and we always include extra luxuries, such as under-floor heating controlled with individual thermostats in each room.

Bespoke Homes

We’ve been providing homeowners with their ideal home, without the usual hassles, for more than 20 years.

Taking your initial idea, we’ll help guide your project from the planning stages through to completion, using a network of premium quality architects, engineers and designers.

Maximising Land Value

We’re a highly professional property developer that’s been helping private and public landowners get the maximum return on their land for more than two decades.

As a family business that blends the agility and expertise of a small company with the financial clout of a larger developer. We have an established track record working in partnership with landowners to obtain the best value for their land.

Excellent Craftsmanship

We source traditional finishes to complement our modern construction techniques, giving you an energy efficient home with an abundance of character.

The Hallmark of our Homes

We perfect every last detail. This means you can move into your home upon completion. Unlike many house builders, we include all finishes, including carpets, in the purchase price of our homes.

All new building work settles, and it’s common to experience shrinkage cracking during the first months after completion. We offer a free visit during the first year to redecorate these cracks.

The team were absolutely brilliant, so friendly and courteous. We loved having them around, in fact, our 6 year old son was sad to see the team leave when the extension had been completed.

Emma and Ben Davies, Rattlesden, Suffolk

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