Maximising Land Value

We partner with you to help put your land to good use

As an established, highly professional house builder, we have the skills, experience and knowledge to take your initial idea and turn it into reality.

We’re a highly professional property developer that’s been helping private and public landowners get the maximum return on their land for more than two decades.

As a family business that blends the agility and expertise of a small company with the financial clout of a larger developer.

With our own investment company, Tiller Properties, we have an established track record working in partnership with landowners to obtain the best value for their land.

As a sustainable house builder, we have proven experience of incorporating renewable energy sources and strong environmental building techniques. We adhere to NHBC and LABC, and all of our homes are constructed to Environmental Codes 3, 4 or 5, as stipulated by the local authority.

We widely consult on all development projects and ensure our homes are in keeping with the community and surrounding environment.

Renowned across East Anglia as a master contractor and residential developer, Hartog Hutton provides a premium service to landowners looking to create exceptional homes that contribute to the local community.

We specialise in sustainable schemes of between three and 20 units, and are experts in environmental building techniques. We don’t have house types; every house we develop is a unique masterpiece with an abundance of character.

We have an established track record of working in partnership with landowners to obtain the best value for land.

Through Tiller Properties, we take on the financial risks associated with the design and planning process and will negotiate with the relevant local authority.

For more information visit: Tiller Properties

Hartog Hutton are a pleasure to work with. I’m confident in dealing with them as their properties are always built to a high standard, they’re dependable and well funded.

Alex Turner, Residential Property Agent, Lacy Scott and Knight, Bury St Edmunds

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