Success story: building a new house and investing in property development

Three years ago we designed and built two houses in a village near Bury St Edmunds. One of the five-bedroom properties was bought by Simon Adams and his family. Simon was very much involved in the process of designing the house, and has subsequently invested in Tiller Properties, our investment company.

Director George Wells caught up with Simon to find out what drew him to Hartog Hutton, how he found the experience of working with us, and why he decided to invest in Tiller Properties.

Simon was searching for the right developer to build his ideal home

Simon and his family were looking for something special. They needed to be in this area because of their jobs, but had a number of further requirements. They wanted a new build property with a good size garden, away from the main road but with easy access to the A14. It was also crucial to Simon that he could be involved in the design process.

Simon had been looking around at a large number of local developers for a couple of years when we were recommended to him by Bedfords, a local estate agent.

He was immediately struck by our professional approach and our willingness to work with him: “Hartog Hutton provided me with the unique opportunity of being involved in the design of our home. It was fascinating to meet with your architect and be involved with the design plan.”

Location and specification were crucial

Simon’s house is one of two on the site and was the first to be built. It is right in the centre of the village and is surrounded by trees, which was important to Simon as a nature lover. In typical Hartog style, the house has spacious rooms and high ceilings throughout, so there is plenty of room for the family.

Simon is enthusiastic about the house’s additional features: “Hartog Hutton constructed an eco-friendly house for us that incorporated a air source heat pump, under-floor heating, excellent insulation and a water harvester.”

We were also able to include wiring for the internet in every room.

It was crucial that everything was right, not rushed

Simon was really interested in the minutiae of the detail, and thoroughly enjoyed what he describes as his “almost daily” visits to the site to see his home being built: “It was a happy learning experience for me to be involved in a wide range of exterior and interior design.”

His contribution to the process was extensive. We were able to incorporate Simon’s ideas into everything from the design of the fireplaces to the location of the lights. We even extended the downstairs cloakroom to include a shower during construction. We took the time to ensure that every detail was right, rather than rushed.

Our policy of utilising local companies wherever possible also appealed to Simon: “Many of the materials were sourced from local merchants enabling me to see and choose from the products available.”

“Hartog Hutton were professional and eager to help”

Our team looked forward to Simon’s regular visits to the site during construction, and made time to discuss any issues he had. Taking our clients’ ideas, we aim to guide their projects through the planning process to completion. It is vital to ensure that every last detail is perfect and exactly as the client wants.

Since buying the house Simon has used our services again to extend the kitchen into a family room at the back of the house. It is beautifully spacious and in keeping with the rest of the property.

Simon wanted to invest in Tiller Properties following his positive experience

After buying and developing his own property, Simon decided to invest in Tiller Properties, our investment arm. He attributes his investment to our “highly professional and energetic approach to building high-quality housing,” adding that he has a “strong belief” in our potential.

Simon’s investment is contributing to three different projects, the first of which is under construction. The project durations range from 12 to 18 months, and he is expected to receive a return on investment of at least 15% per annum.

”It was an incredibly rewarding experience”

I asked Simon whether he’d recommend Hartog Hutton and Tiller Properties to his friends, and I’m pleased to report that he would have no hesitation in doing so. In fact, he tells me that he has already shared his experience with a number of his friends.

And what was the best thing about working with us?

“I was particularly drawn to Hartog Hutton because of their excellent local knowledge, their commitment to building high quality homes of unique character and their readiness to involve me in the design process.”

We aim to make the construction and development process easy through our attention to detail and commitment to personal service. Did we succeed on this occasion?

“It was an incredibly rewarding experience and a pleasure to work with the professional and friendly people at Hartog Hutton.”

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