Planning permission granted for 25 new Hartog Hutton homes

Lavenham is well-known as one of Suffolk’s most historic, traditional villages but earlier this month it hit the news as one of the most forward-thinking. Following a referendum in which every resident had their say, 91% voted for a neighbourhood plan to expand the village with carefully considered development.

As a result, when Hartog Hutton canvassed the village for their views on a proposed new development of 25 new homes they received only positive responses and planning permission was duly granted in September 2016.

The reasoning behind this pro-development attitude could be applied to many villages around the country. Lavenham’s population is ageing with a third of residents over 65 years old. There are few affordable homes, the village school is stretched and many young people are earning the minimum wage. These factors have led to an urgent need for new homes, including affordable homes to ensure that the village maintains a dynamic and growing population.

Having identified a need, Hartog Hutton made a concerted effort to ensure that its development would retain the character of the village whilst providing additional benefits. The housing consists of 2, 3 and 4-bedroom houses, 8 of which will be affordable homes for local residents. Featuring individual designs, the houses will reflect the local style and incorporate traditional materials. The community as a whole will benefit from a new, easily accessible open-space and allotments, whilst new footpaths integrate the new homes nicely to the town.

This scheme is a great example of how communication and careful consideration of local needs avoids delays and results in planning success. The Hartog Hutton team was able to understand the conditions attached to potential new development around the village, and work through the concerns of the Parish Council and local residents. This resulted in a smooth planning process and avoided unnecessary delays or re-submissions.

Just as important, it is an excellent result for our landowning partner, who now has the benefit of a residential permission, whilst helping to improve the vitality of the village with a sympathetic scheme.

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